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Planes delayed,​ mañana; not now.

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obby Fever is also known as Hobby Pox. This is not a new disease, but it seems to affect more men and boys than it does women and girls, although the latter seem to have other interests in choosing how to invest their time, minds, and skills. They may be a bit more creative, rather than doing mindless repetitive routines.

Hobby Fever
's most prevalent symptoms are spending long
investigative periods of studying hobby or hunting and fishing
magazines, or other activities which have nothing to do with
making a living or keeping a home, city business, farm, or ranch in order.

Rarely does a Hobby Fever victim have a supervisor or boss. The
Fever drives each person differently from within. Some people 
believe that it is good for their health to hit a very hard little ball, then find it in the tall grass ​and hit it again, striving to hit it as few times as possible than any others who "play this game."

WARNING - This Fever is very contagious. It can be caught just by watching someone infected with it, particularly watching those who "play" with ​insanely expensive toy trains, airplanes, boats, and cars. The Fever can paint a perpetually silly grin on the face of a manic victim.

Victims are often heard screaming randomly: “I got it, I got it. . .   OH NO!!!,” or, “I can't accept this. There must be a better way !!!"  Pleas for ​help from God and, even, bystanders are not uncommon. Complaints are probably ​irrational, but they seem to help the Fever- stricken victims "feel better."

. . . continued in column 2.

RC Surface
​Cars and Trucks

Go to Cars and Trucks Page

Shipsand Boats  . . . by order;
​Gerry gives best price, saving you cash.

Northern Class 4-8-4 - MSRP * $ 399​.90

Articulated Cars  - MSRP * $ 100.90 

E-AB unit - MSRP * $599.90

MSRP * $ 8

SP 4999 Daylight - MSRP $ 499.90

Alco SW1500 - MSRP *$ 229.90


MSRP prices are those published by manufacturer or primary distributor. Selling prices depend on variables due to the nature
of international trade and monetary rate exchanges, many of
which may be to your advantage, as less than the MSRP. 
Residents of Texas must add 8.25% Sales Tax.

​Call us for what you want or need.    

MSRP * $ 74.90

Breaking News  Because the magnificent worldwide Internet brings us closer, as shown on the 1950 Texas Brags Map, we can now be your friendly neighborhood hobby shop.

Custom-built Slot Tracks

Joe's Wood Shop

One of a kind to fit the place
where you race.  ​True cost is sum of
materials plus track options, labor,
overhead, delivery and installation.  
Call Gerry.  903-454-8647

1/5 scale model RedCat Racing is
​big-time action.

Scales are from 1/5-th, 1/8-th, 1/10-th, 1/16-th,
​and down to 1/24-th
All Fun to Drive


Latina River Boat MSRP * $ 259.90

RMS Titanic - MSRP * $ 769.90

RC Scale Model Speed Boats

N-scale Lone Star DoodleBug Sale 
MSRP ​* $ 255.00 -GHD * $ 239.90 


Build armies, set strategies, engage 
in tactical combat. Challenge your mind witjh a game in the den.

                                                       DCC here??? . . .
                                                       Maybelle says: "On my Cotton
 HO double dog-bone 
                                                         layout, DCC  is not just a poor political opinion about a Deliriously Confused Congress, for I found that DCC is a whole lot
of fun, and a good way to run my model trains more like a real railroad. That is the way it was at the Texas and Pacific Railway where my husband worked when we were only dating.[grins], and you don't need to know any more than that. Not only does 
it control the train speed, but the lights on my engine, the whistle, and several other things to which a train crew must do during their run. By the way, I like that DoodleBug over on the left, for it already ​has DCC. However, I want it in HO. Then, 

Gerry can add SoundTraxx Tsunami engine sounds. Just think: If
a girl like me can work with DCC, surely more of you can find your way into it.


DCC simply means Digital Command Control. Beyond the name,
I found out that what you see in a picture may not reveal as much
as you need to know about this newer digital stuff. Ask the right questions to be sure you buy the right stuff.

Here is what I know, for a fact, but   . . . UHhhh,  . . . I found it it
in materials published by the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). It makes sense to me.  Now, go to:
and download yourself a copy of the complete DCC Standard.

The electrical/electronic technologies are dynamic, developing and improving every day. Micro-miniaturization facilitates DCC and auxiliary control functions, simply because it reduces physical space needed to make it fit and work, and it doesn't need to be oiled, greased, or ash pan emptied, etc.

​Can you think of a model train engine as being a mobile motor traveling on two wires that look like rails? Here is NMRA's explanation.
What is DCC?

Please, go to the NMRA website and download your copy of the DCC Standard, for it will tell you exactly what you need to know. There, I've told you twice. Get it, for I want to explain, in simple words, what you really need to know to invest in DCC for your own model railroad.

Many model trains do not have anything more than ONOFF or FAST/SLOW/STOP/REVERSE controls for the train.

If so, the manufacturer may leave a small space for a DCC unit, and simply say that you may (if you wish) install a DCC unit (your choice), or have it installed by a technician for a fee, and it is a very smart decision to have the tech do it).

A more sophisticated manufacturer may install a set of cable plugs so you can connect a DCC unit. The engine may be described as DCC Ready,  . . . but that doesn't mean you actually have an operating DCC unit in the locomotive.

For a better-crafted model locomotive, a DCC system may be integrated by the manufacturer during assembly. These systems will be labeled as DCC-on board. That is fine, but DCC by itself, even on board, may not make a single engine sound. Bummer!!!  .   . . or if a sound chip has been installed, it may be limited in quality and variety of engine sounds.

Greenville Hobby Depot is an Authorized SoundTraxx dealer. The SoundTraxx design engineers qualified DCC units purchased by most model train manufacturers pre-engineer the units to make obvious engine sounds, but may not provide a full range of normal engine sounds. Authorized SoundTraxx dealers, such as Greenville Hobby Depot install the complete digital sounds and control functions.

Hello, I'm Maybelle o'Rilee. I am fond of trains from about 1915 to ​1960-ish. My semi-local HO passenger train of only six heavyweight cars zings along, while I blow the whistle for grade crossings.

Victims tend to group and form support clubs. Model airplane enthusiasts are known to stand in the sun, staring at the open sky. On days when the temperature may be more than 90-degrees F, they may rise early to cut grass, not their own yard, but the field where they fly their little (or quite large) airplanes with little hand held radio gadgets that somehow keeps their airplnes from crashing or landing too hard.  

​They may exaggerate about the price of their "stuff" (the equipment needed in their passionate attempts to soothe the internal forces from the Fever). They may stay in their workshops for hours ir days at a time. Sometimes they may dash to the hobby store only five minutes before closing is scheduled. 

When they return, they may have a bewildering array of wooden sticks and brightly colored coverings, rails for a new Right of way, or scenery to grace the layout that is finally "almost ready" for upgrading the pike's scenery.

The good thing about having the Fever, if there really is anything good about Hobby Fever, is that he/she doesn't fear re-infection over and over again. Sometimes, returning to the hobby store, often to the flying field, visiting a favorite outdoor space niche, or participating in an operating session with the model club at their private railroad layout. The Fever symptomsx go away after a while, and it's time to have a cup of coffee, a piece of pie or cake, and talk about recent events with  significant others of your life.

Rewritten and published in the ​www.HobbyDepot.biz website
by Back Office Agent, F. Richard Burt, aka effarbee, 20140118

       Choose your interests from the categories listed above .   .   .

Hobby Depot

Greenville Hobby Depot is based in 
Greenville Texas at 2610 Lee Street, Greenville, TX 75401 U.S.A. We are family owned and operated, and will negotiate the price you must pay for any product we have for sale or trade, or any product you may have us order for you, which we gladly do for anyone wanting or needing something that may not be available immediately from our product inventory on our display shelves. We started this business more than five years ago, and have expanded to larger facilities twice. We have a legitimate brick and mortor store in the Uptown Forum near the Hunt County Court House and across the street from the Greenville, Texas Post Office.- Hobby products we provide may be made by long-established manufacturers and their distributors, such as model trains, model airplanes, model cars and trucks, and model boats and ships. We like to deal with people face-to-face, but accept offers via telephone: 903-454-8647. Store is open Tuesday through Saturday from about 9;30 am until about 5:30 pm. In addition to new products that are displayed on our store shelves, we accept consignments to assist in estate settlements and disposal of a lot of stuff for whatever reasons. Product names include Lionel trains, MTF trains, Bachmann trains, Atlas RR, KATO trains, Bowser trains, American Flyer trains, Broadway Limited Imports, Large-scale, G-gauge, One-gauge, O-gauge three rail and 2-rail, On30 narrow gauge (size) but runs on HO-gauges 2-rail track, S-gauge trains, HO-gauge trains, N-scale trains, and Z-scale trains. Focus may be only on modular trains such as N-trak, HO modular, T-trak modular, model railroads (garden trains) and backyard railroads, We participate with club railroads and exhibit at local/regional train shows. Hobby Depot has connections with support services suchcan be done in Joe's Wood Shop to build plain old modules for model train platforms, custom and customized slot-track racing layouts, Joe is equipped to build many things related to hobbies and recreation, working turn-key with reasonable 
material costs and time/labor rates, and, if needed, delivery within about 200 miles from Greenville, Texas.  While O-gauge, HO-gauge,  and N-gauge are most widely used by hobby model railroaders, narrow-gauge is available in G-scale, O-gauge (On30), and HOn30. `
wind, or build detail ships to show in contests and display on trophy shelves. Model cars and trucks also engage hobbyists who build detailed vehicles to show, compete in shows, or display on trophy shelves. Radio control allows use of scale-model cars and trucks to race of lanes and open fields at scale speeds up to approximately 200 mph, and climb over rocks and obstacles for skill trials, Cars and trucks are normally scaled 1/24th, 1/16th, 1/10th, 1/8th, and 1/5th of original size, suitable for outdoors for skilled hobbyists, or indoors for those with limited space to run them. RedCat Racing and Traxxas are two prime suppliers.  Plastic and wood boats and ships can be extrememly detailed and exactly to scale, such as desired tor a model of the White Star SS Titanic or USS Nimiz Aircraft Carrier CVN68 1/700 scale, and other older ships offered by Ages of Sail.



Awarded as the best little hobby and model shop in Greenville.

This was often my favorite train ride; to Dallas on Train No. 1 and home on Train No. 6 a couple of days later.  My boy friend worked for the Texas and Pacific in their East Dallas Yard.

Hobby Fever

Copyright (C) 2014 F. Richard Burt

​Cotton Belt No. 6 out of Dallas. My favorite train ride 
at a wonderful time in my life.

DoodleBug with Trailing Car

When you see my price discount next to a product, you may ask for Gerry's best price for something you really want.


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2610 Lee Street
Greenville, TX 75401 U.S.A.


BAC O-27 GreyhoundPassenger  00325 MSRP $ 439.90 GHD * $ 395.90

BAC O-27 Lakeshore Freight 00324 MSRP $ 409.90 GHD * $ 369.90

EMD DD40AX Centennial
* Needs curves larger than 11.25-inch radius.
  MSRP $219.00 eachGHD * $ 199.90

* DCC on-board with SoundTraxx® diesel sound 
    package;  dual-motor sound, 3 air horns, and belll all in
    16-bit polyphonic sound.
* Dual motors with flywheels, operating “gumball” light, 
   16-wheel drive, lighted number boards, weathered air
   intakes and exhausts, and E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers.

When pulling  25 or 30 cars (or more), the tractive effort of the Bachmann DD40AX sets the N-scale standard for pulling power.

BAC  50949 Berkshire 2-8-4 Super Steam DCC onboard;  at this price we will the Tsunami Sound Module - Click here to listen.
MSRP 249.90 GHD * $ 249.90

N-scale Ultimate Locomotive for 20 or more cars

I had a Waltham Premier 23-jewel watch for the Texas and Pacific RR. Obviously, model railroaders are not required to carry a precision pocket watch, but quartz movement is very accurate.  Prices for a real 7-position railroad watch vary between about $250.00 and $600.00. Don't pay more than it will be worth to you. Our Amazon Affiliate has a couple of good looking railroad-type watches  with very accurate quartz movements that  won't drain your bank account.

21st Century Gotham Quartz movement gives accurate time and it looks very good. Compare with the picture of my Waltham Premier Vangard 23-jewel T&P watch.

Look the part. Crewman's Cap.

. . . for some of the goodies right here in our own railyard.

We have a huge railyard; call for some product gems: 903-454-8647

Visit our eBay store . . .  Click here: . . .
Call Gerry at 903-454-8647 for best service prices.

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